West Regional Water Study

By Tyrone Sitting Eagle

Siksika Nation Engineering Services is starting a new project by hiring to begin the development of a new wastewater system that will service the West Region of SIksika . It has been identified that the current wastewater system has reached its design capacity and new infrastructure is needed to accommodate the growing nation. This new system will be upgraded, which will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the wastewater treatment. Also, the new proposed system will provide a more cost effective and efficient facility that will be able to handle the future growths of the Nation. To begin the process of installing this new system, Siksika Nation Engineering Services are wanting to get more community input by having Community Engagement Meetings. 

Right now the project is in the first phase of development, which is community engagement. In these community engagement open house meetings, Siksika Nation community members were given the chance to learn about the process and give any feedback on this process. With all that information in mind, this is helping the community because it is creating transparency. 

The project proposes to build a brand new blower building, which houses new mechanical blowers and electrical systems, aerations and mechanical piping, as well as a new lagoon system to treat sewage from the community. Another important topic of consideration is the location of this new wastewater system. There has been much consideration that this facility doesn’t interfere with future development of structures, or any culturally significant areas. As well, other considerations and factors must be looked at when choosing areas, so with the help of Siksika Nation Land’s Management Department, Land Use Task Force, Elders, and knowledge keepers, there have been three sites that could possibly house the new wastewater system.

The first site for consideration is located between the Town-site, North Camp, Stobart and West End. The second site is located beside site 1, as well, this site is close to a gravel pit, and at low elevation which will lower cost. The third site for consideration is located near an already functioning Town-site Lagoon and more room for construction, although this location doesn’t have as many upsides appose to other two locations, it still is a possible location. With these three sites in mind, the community can go and take the survey that has been provided, and give feedback whether or not these would suitable locations. 

In terms of industrial development and community engagement, there is a lot of activity happening on Siksika, which is a good thing, as well as a lot of transparency which is not only aiding Siksika but also giving the community a chance to give feedback and have a voice to what the people of Siksika want. In turn, the more the community participates in the survey for the Siksika West Regional Wastewater system, the better it will be for Siksika.