Living with Water

By Mase Crow Chief

“Today’s gathering is titled ‘Living with Water’ where we will focus on our communities connection and respect for each other and the environment we’re apart of. I want to encourage everyone to listen with an open mind and to remember that unlearning is just as valuable as learning. Today is a start to build a sustainable relationship betweeen our community and the guest who came from University of Calgary to learn about Siksika people from our people” -Dia Crow Chief

“The One Health Summer Institute (OHSI) 2024 is a week-long class and field-based program exploring a One Health approach to watershed planning. Learn how human activity impacts the Bow River Basin, which begins in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, and it a critical source of water supporting the basin’s human, animal, planet and exosystem health and services as well as numerous economic activities in the region. Gain insight into the science , management strategies, and collaborative transdisciplinary skills necessary for sustaining the health and viability of the basin and the diverse ecosystem it contains. The Workshop participants have engaged with Indigenous communities along with the Bow Blackfoot ways of knowing and doing.’ -Kerry Black

Thanks for inviting media, we had a wonderful time! You did an amazing job showcasing our culture to the University of Calgary Disa!

University of Calgary students
Tanisha Springchief with Disa Crow Chief