Aiskapimohkiiks Helping Nation Members 

By: Tyrone Sitting Eagle

The Aiskapimohkiiks is a program to help Nation Members resolve conflicts through mediation and arbitration. Instead of going to court, Nation members are offered these options, where there is an agreement and the decision on the dispute is given to the Aiskapimohkiiks instead of going to court. Although the program receives the majority of referrals from the courts and lawyers, they also receive referrals from various departments in Siksika, Tribal Administration, schools, and the community. Based on what is needed for the client, what is requested from the Aiskapimohkiiks, such as mediation, arbitration, and, in some recent cases, healing circles. 

With high requests coming from various entities on and off the Nation, the Aiskapimohkiiks members are given a lot of training to better assist Nation members. All members are highly trained, and recently, on May 16th and 17th, there was a Basic Practices of Trauma-Informed Training for the AIskapimohkiik elders, mediators, and elders advisory, which was held at the Siksika Business Centre. The Aiskapimohkiis Team Lead, JoAnne Yellowhorse, is the person who organizes these training sessions for the members. With the Basic Practices of Trauma Informed Training, Yellowhorse brought in Facilitator Racheal Hoof and Traditional Language Holder Philomina Melting Tallow, who are from Kainai. 

This program is effecting the community in a very positive way, as it offers Nation members who need mediation and arbitration a better alternative that offers not only culturally effective ways to solve disputes but also elder mentoring sessions and mediation by certified Siksika mediators. 

Elders, Elders Advisory and Mediators taking Trauma Informed Training